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this was great, thanks sis. Let's hope some of us are ready ...I don't fancy coming back as human for another 25,000 years. What a bugger that would be. You are ok, but what about the rest of us?
Anyway, great talk by both of them. I'd rather not have all that background music though, as Corey especially speaks so quietly that even with the volume turned up full it's difficult to hear every word. Love and

hi sis coming back has a human will not be so bad in a better world yes the back ground music his bad has corey speck's so softly lobe and light xxxx

Oh. if that's the case, with all of us coming back to a better planet, then it won't be too bad. Why is he so adamant that he can ascend instead? Do you think he really is so advanced, or is he too big for his boots?
Love and

what he his saying sis his that the earth his ascending and if we are to ascend we will stay with her all the others will be moved to another plant because they are not ready to ascend and need to be reborn again
i feel that he his about 80 per cent correct he believes in the the law of one and does have visions so he his spiritual put it his up to the masters and immortals to whether he his advanced enough to ascend or not there his no way that he would know that for sure love and light xxxx

Yes, that makes sense...and perhaps just because he is so convinced of his own superiority, he will be back in human form like the rest of us mortals (excluding the ones who want to come back, like yourself)! He might well be spiritual, but he could step down a few notches now and again...
Love and


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