Hi everyone, I’d like to share a new free video I just created that explains an ideal diet that harmonizes with nature in many ways:


The Diet

Breakfast (≈ 8 am)
Fruits (≈ 1 serving)

Lunch (≈ 12 pm)
Vegetables (≈ 6 servings)
Sprouted or soaked grains and legumes (≈ 36 oz.)
Fatty fruits (e.g. avocados, coconuts, olives, palm fruits) (≈ 6 oz.)

Dinner (≈ 6 pm)
Cultured, raw if possible, non-homogenized whole milk product (e.g. kefir, yogurt) (≈ 12 oz.)
Or unfertilized, free-range eggs (≈ 3)

Snack (≈ 8 pm)
Sprouted or soaked nuts and seeds (≈ 3 oz.)

As desired
Herbs, spices, unrefined salt, water

Example Day

Cocktail (cleansing tonic) (≈ 7 am)
Baking soda, cayenne pepper, fresh lemon/lime juice, ginger, raw apple cider vinegar, water (≈ 8 oz.)

Breakfast (≈ 8 am)
Apples (≈ 1/4), cinnamon

Lunch (≈ 12 pm)
Cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes (≈ 12 oz.)
Vegetable stew (≈ 12 oz.)
Sprouted lentils, mung beans, steamed sprouted brown rice, maize, millet, pinto beans (≈ 36 oz.)
Avocados, coconuts, olives, palm fruits (≈ 6 oz.)

Dinner (≈ 6 pm)
Raw if possible, non-homogenized, whole milk kefir (≈ 12 oz.)

Snack (≈ 8 pm)
Sprouted almonds, cashews, peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts (≈ 3 oz.)

As desired
Herbs, spices, unrefined salt, water


“This diet was created by putting together messages from the body and dietary principles like puzzle pieces in order to end up with an as ideal as possible a diet. The content and order are essential, but the quantities and times are adjustable. The diet balances cleansing and building foods, adheres to the vegetarian philosophy, is made up of natural, whole, live foods, includes all the major food groups available to the vegetarian diet in every daily cycle, incorporates food combining and sequential eating principles, and more.

Additionally, what makes the diet special is that it harmonizes with nature in a couple of key ways.

Firstly, the diet consists of carbohydrate foods until the end of lunch, then switches to fat and protein foods. This accords with the fact that carbohydrates burn faster and are the more appropriate fuel for higher metabolic activity, for instance during the day, while fat and protein burn slower and are the more appropriate fuels for lower metabolic activity, for instance during the late afternoon and evening. By providing the appropriate types of fuel at the appropriate times of day, the diet helps to regulate energy levels throughout the day, prevent the issues with sugar, and induce restful sleep.

Secondly, the diet follows the pattern of:

Simple/light carbohydrates for breakfast →
Complex/heavy carbohydrates for lunch →
Complex/heavy fats and proteins for dinner →
Simple/light fats and proteins for snack →

Lunch is the largest, heaviest meal, and the simpler, lighter carbohydrates and fats and proteins, fruits and nuts and seeds, are eaten in the morning and evening, and in smaller quantities as is often recommended. This accords with the fact that nature's cycles, including the digestive cycle, follow the pattern rise→peak→fall→valley→, for example, the life cycle peaks in early adulthood, the yearly cycle peaks at the summer solstice, the lunar cycle peaks at the full moon, and the daily cycle peaks at noon. This pattern is even embedded in the yin yang symbol as displayed, though the cycle isn't centered at the peak. The digestive cycle closely mirrors the daily cycle, with digestion being stronger in the middle of the day, such as around noon, and weaker in the morning and evening. By synchronizing with the digestive cycle, the diet helps to optimize metabolic functioning throughout the day.

In the end, this way of putting together the vegetarian diet is the best one for me, and may be helpful for many others too. Everything about the diet is the way it is for a reason, for example, for me at least, grains and legumes without fat leads to hunger soon after and fatty fruits combine well with grains and legumes while other fat foods don’t, and omitting nuts and seeds in the evening leads to feeling incomplete and late evening hunger, it clicks like the solution to a complex math problem.

You can read the full article about the diet on the page of my site that I’ve linked to in the description of this video.”

From my site: https://sites.google.com/site/jmaf6556/spiritual-healing

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