We are now listed on a couple of Network directories to be able to reach more people. The following is a very informative website. You do not need to join to have a look around and read thier tips and tools. Only join if you are an Admin or Creator of a group to get your group listed. Occasionally, you will see a banner on the main page near the bottom. They are sites made by people just like us trying to make thier voices heard. Our similiar badge & link back to us is also in the rotation but will never appear on this site but I will paste a copy of it so you can see (or use it) on another site. It is just a small badge. The link below will take you to the Network directory I joined. Please have a look around.


http://www.jensocial.com   Jen's Social Network Directory and Social Network Creator Hub

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All suggestions, advice, and recommendations on site building, e-commerce is welcome. Post here or message me. Thanks!
Great Maryelle! You have a lovely site. I had a peek and I'll return when I have more time. I've been busy!

I know....everytime you log on something has changed.I'm trying to make it the best site it can be and make it so everyone can come and enjoy the site, leave some wisdom, share an idea or learn something new. We are now linked to Twitter...if anybody Tweets...and we have a Facebook page that is growing everyday. Please befriend us if you FB. We are also linked to FLICKR. A great photo application. We also have FF, friendfeed, if anyone does that. & from the main tab you can go to Youtube & Musiz. I am still looking for a better chat, if anyone knows of one.


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