this his cds latest picture it took 3 or 4 days to do i hope that you like it

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Yes,I like it very much. It has such a lovely light and the 3D clouds are very good I think.
Actually, it's all very good. The little house is so sweet.

I am going to guess...a farmhouse with a little orchard and some plant climbing up the wall. Cattle in the field.
The owner is working in the field on the other side of the stream,or is it a shepherd?

PS The snow on the mountain sides and the spring flowing into the stream is also good! :-)

Now you'll have to show it to somebody who knows about painting, 'cos I am no expert.

Thank you sis and Cloud Dancer for posting this.I really enjoyed looking at it. It's a happy scene.
Love and Light

cloud dancer thanks you for your lovely comment yo are correct his a farmhouse the owner his a farmer cd his so glad that you liked it
love and light xxxx


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