Thank you Thoth for creating our ability to create music.
The beautiful sounds that so much fill our lives and our hearts.

Next walk to the West Cardinal Point, pick up the lemon, and as you squeeze juice back into the bowl, recite:

Thank you Thoth for the writings and drawings
that have allowed us to know you
and the other Great Gods and Goddesses.
Thank you for the ability to create art
and for us to share that beauty and talent with others.

Next walk to the Altar and place the pen, journal, feather, and lit candle on the Altar as you recite:

Thoth, the inventor of all
and the protector of Isis during pregnancy,
please continue to bless us
with new and creative music,
art, and medicine that will make our lives more pleasant.
We thank you for your accuracy in recording the weight of our hearts.
This feather is a reminder to us of how light our hearts should be.
We give blessings to you for the moonlight you provide.

At this time, the person performing the Ritual should open the journal and write down two things using the pen:

1) Any miscellaneous thoughts at that moment
2) How they think Thoth will be recording their name when their heart is weighed against the feather

Once these two things are written, pause for a moment to thank Thoth once again in your own words for the things he has provided. Thank him for what he will provide in the future.

After you are done, follow these steps:

Walk to the West Cardinal Point and remove the lemon. Carry it with you.

Walk to the South Cardinal Point and take another pinch of Chili Power and sprinkle it over the lemon.

Walk to the East Cardinal Point and snuff out the incense by placing it into the lemon.

Walk to the North Cardinal Point and snuff out the candle. Drip three drops of wax over the lemon and Chili Powder that is already on it.

Then return to the Altar and snuff out the candle there.

Next, recite:

I know my thanks have been heard.
The Elements are now released and the circle is closed.

Next, you should ground the energy by picking up the journal and holding it close to your heart. Then slowly lower it in an arching motion away from your body.

After the Ritual, give the wax a few minutes to harden so it will hold in the incense and Chili Powder. Then take the lemon and bury it to nourish the earth.

After the lemon is buried, if others are present, you may sit with them and discuss what was written in the journal if you are comfortable in sharing the information. Then, as a group, the Temple should be cleaned up and all trash removed.

Note: Any negative comments you wrote about how Thoth would be recording your name should be shared and discussed with the Temple High Priestess or Priest. They will be able to help you find out why those things were listed and what actions to take to resolve them so they won’t be recorded the next time.

Notes on the Celebration of Thoth Ritual:

A) The white candle is used since one of Thoth’s colors is white.
B) Sage incense is used, as this is one of Thoth’s herbs
C) Chili Pepper and Lemon are used as these are also herbs of Thoth
D) The time was chosen, as Midnight is the time of Thoth. It also gives a chance to make sure the moon is completely up and the sun completely down.

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