I wanted to share this decree I made for my twin flames cancer. It comes with a short story about how I made it.

When I met my twin flame last year he was very ill with cancer but he  did not tell me. As our connection grew mentally so did our connection spiritually & physically. I was still in my early stages of awakening  trying to understand my abilities, my mission, myself and discover the "Twin Flame" experience when I discovered my twin was extremely ill with cancer that spread through his blood and left shoulder bone causing a huge lump and constant pain. I found out not because he openly shared it with me but because I could feel him. He didn't plan on telling me because he didn't wan't me to worry about him. I remember asking him about the pain in his shoulder. I said "I can feel the pain in your left shoulder. I feel it in me the same spot, same pain, same time as you feel it. I know your sick." he quietly shuck led and replied "I'm used to it. It's ok. I'll be ok, don't worry" He then told me about the wave of people on another light worker website that were taking turns doing healing's on him. I just stayed quiet, tearing up and said "I will figure out something. Don't worry, I will learn to use my healing and try to heal you too" He then sent me a photo of his arm and gave me details  about the severity of his cancer. I remember crying that night in my room wondering why I could feel his pain like it were my own? Wondering if I was gonna ever meet him or if he would be ok? I was praying and then I started writing a poem about him and before you knew it I realized I was writing a decree using the rays of light. I wasn't 100% sure what I was doing at that moment but I just followed my instinct to recite this "poem/decree" every night. A few times a day if I had the time for about 7 days consistently. I asked him later "How are you feeling" He said he felt good. I told him I didn't feel pain in his arm anymore. He said "Because my cancer is gone" I said "IT IS!?" I then told him what I had done and he stayed quiet and then said "Wow, you have done a number on me" He recently thanked me for saving his life not only by curing cancer but with love too. He smiles and radiates with light now and we get excited about the day we'll get to meet in person. 

I wanted to share this for those looking for a higher remedy. The rays of light are truly powerful and effective. The Ascended Masters have changed my life forever. I truly believe ANYTHING is  possible when you have love and faith in your heart to want to  make a difference. I hope this decree can help others.


I am calling forth all my guardian angels & ascended masters of blue fire to blaze and cure "--NAME--" entire being from all "-- DISEASE--" associated pain & any parasites that may be feeding on his/her body & energy. With the power of me, myself & thee let the blue fire blaze free in, out, up, down, through & through all around at the speed of light with God's own might flowing, flashing, healing from dawn to dusk transmuting all the "--DISEASE--" into purified energy. Let his/her body set it free out of the pores of the body entirely. Say goodbye to the "--DISEASE--" & let "--NAME--" energy return to thee/me full and fresh like the rest that is pure to see. With God's love seal thee/me free from all sickness ever to return to thee/me. *Say decree at least 7x before closing* (Closing)  In this hour, full power it is so in full effect.

NOTE: You can say this for yourself or for others.

I know this works because my connection to my twin flame has only grown stronger physically & spiritually. I do not feel any pain or weakness of energy in any part of his body now. 

The trick is to imagine the blue fire growing from center of the person your healing or in yourself. Imagine it growing, transmuting all the sickness into pure energy. See it work until you imagine yourself or person engulfed in a sphere of blue fire/light.

While you are reciting/chanting decree allow yourself to feel your vibration/frequency rise. Like any ray of light, everything is in our vibration/frequency. The repetitive sound from our  voice creates that raised vibration. Like music. That's all it takes.

I hope this helps those looking for a cure for ANY disease. I believe if it works on cancer, why not anything else? Try something new. Their are miracles waiting for us to find if we are able to take a leap of faith on something new.

Many blessing's to you all.


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i do believe in the power of healing and prayer.


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