More elusive than the African leopard, rarer than the legendary snow leopard of the Himalayas, and as white as the polar bear of Alaska, rumors of the existence of pure White Lions have existed in the African oral tradition for centuries. But there is only one place on earth where they have actually materialized—the Timbavati region bordering South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

While reports of White Lions first surfaced in the 1930s, scientists were not able to officially document their existence until 1975. It is not clear exactly when the White Lions re-emerged on our planet, but by all accounts, it happened only recently—where from still remains a mystery, but the legend goes that the White Lions are in fact star beings who came to our planet for specific spiritual purposes.


The area of Timbavati, northeast of South Africa, happens to be exactly aligned with the Nile meridian where the iconic Sphinx of ancient Egypt is erected. The Sphinx represents the fusion of humans with lions, and both are creatures who preside over the food chain and consequently are responsible for regulating the natural order of the living.

According to indigenous knowledge, the White Lions’ arrival in this particular location and time is not a coincidence. Indigenous people across the globe believe that everything in nature happens for a reason. We live in meaningful universe, and the White Lions’ arrival at a location exactly geographically aligned with the primary sacred sites along the Nile meridian is part of a divine plan. The Nile meridian (31 East) is also called the meridian of “First Time” or “Zep Tepi,” or in other words the meridian where life first emerged on the planet.


Many spiritual traditions have established a notion that the alignment of the North Pole with celestial constellations determines eras or ages that govern life on our planet. The North Pole points toward a particular constellation for a period of approximately 2,150 years. Currently, this northern axis is shifting, gradually moving away from the constellation of Pisces toward the constellation of Aquarius—hence the commonly referred to Age of Aquarius.

Naturally, as the North axis starts to point toward Aquarius, its exact opposite, the South Pole axis shifts toward the opposite constellation, Leo. In astrology, Aquarius is the sign representing humans and civilization. In other words, the constellation of humans (Aquarius) is exactly opposing the constellation of lions (Leo). From this perspective, we again see humans and lions symbolically unified as an indivisible pair—and more conspicuously these are the constellations where both poles of the planet are now moving. We cannot help but notice the synchronistic manifestation of White Lions in the Southern Hemisphere at the time when the South Pole begins to point toward the constellation of Leo.


Used to looking for spiritual signs in nature, African elders see the White Lions’ arrival in the wilderness as the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy indentifying these majestic creatures as angelic messengers from God. In spiritual terms their white coloring represents purity and enlightenment, beyond all racial connotations. White is sunlight and contains all the colors of the spectrum in one; white is beyond color, creed, race, or gender, and therefore is the perfect icon for South Africa’s rainbow nation and a unifying symbol across world cultures

Indeed, African elders believe that the White Lions are the most sacred animals on the African continent and are here to deliver a sacred message for humanity at this time of crisis. As an apex predator, the lion is viewed as the true guardian of the land, while the White Lion, in particular, is believed to be the King of Kings, an angelic guardian presiding over this sacred site and playing a vitally important role in the sensitive ecology of the region (and the whole world). For many centuries, African kings identified the land of Timbavati as a protected area; its name “Tsimba-vaati” is derived from the ancient Shangaan language and means “the place where star-lions came down from the heavens.”


It is significant that the prophecies surrounding the White Lions correspond with the beliefs of other ancient cultures on other continents. The Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT)’s advisory council includes indigenous elders from other cultures and continents. One of the WLT advisors, High Chief Francois Paulette of the native Canadian Dene people, speaks of the time when according to a Native American prophecy a white bison calf will stand on Mother Earth. The white bison will have black eyes, black hooves, and a black nose (i.e. not an albino) and will come to deliver a warning that humanity is at a crossroads. Humankind will face chaos, disease, and destruction unless we unite spiritually. Like the White Lions of Africa, the White Buffalos of America are an icon of love and light, uniting nations at a time when peace urgently needs to be restored on earth.

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