The Science of numbers dates back to pre-Atlantean times and it was also used in both Hindu and Arabic teachings.
ONE - Vibrates to the sun - the ruler of Leo (the sun is conscious, the ego, self, masculine energy - the father). The beginning - new beginnings - inspiration - ideas and confidence - instinct.

TWO - Vibrates to the moon - ruler of cancer (the moon is the unconscious, feelings and emotions, nurturing, habits, instinctual response - the mother).

Reaching out - caring and sharing - imagination - parenthood - conception - childbirth - dreams. Two crystals joined together represent partnership and sharing.

THREE - Vibrates to the planet Jupiter - ruler of Sagittarius. (Jupiter is expansion, amplification, higher learning and education)

Number of communication, expression and creativity. The threefold aspect of mother, father and child. The Trinity of God: Mind, Body and Spirit: Wisdom, Will and Love.

Crystals with a small triangle etched on a facet has a Divine message from the Gods.
FOUR - Vibrates to Uranus - ruler of Aquarius (Uranus is unconventionality, flashes of inspiration, awakening, disruption, independence).

Mastering the laws of the earth and often involves hard work. Number of wholeness (as in a square). Mind, Body, Spirit and Feeling. Many crystals have an extra four-sided facet, often diamond shaped, on their main termination face.

Meditate or concentrate upon this four-sided facet and you will be able to find out about a particular lesson or goal in your life and how to accomplish it. Also the window can lead you to other worlds, dimension, parallel lives, communication to higher self.

FIVE - Vibrates to Mercury - ruler of Gemini and Virgo (Mercury is of the mind, intellect, short journeys, siblings).

Freedom, versatility, expansion, the number of the perfected man with his feet on the earth and arms reaching for the stars. A five-faceted stone will help you to move beyond restrictions.

SIX - Most crystals possess six facets. Vibrates to Venus - ruler of Taurus and Libra (Venus is sexual female receptivity, attraction, art, culture, beauty, money, harmony).

The number of love and romance. The Number of balance, harmony.

A six crystal will help you bring into balance your relationship with yourself and therefore with others. Opening your heart to unconditional love. Money.

SEVEN - Vibrates to Neptune - ruler of Pisces (Neptune is mystical, transcending the material world, music, art, etc).

The number of the mystic. This will enable you to discover spiritual truths and find out about all the mysteries of life. Spirituality. Sensitivity. Mystery. Illusion and Delusion. Healing. Miracles. Faith and Dreams that come true.
EIGHT - Vibrates to Saturn - ruler of Capricorn (Saturn is vulnerability, lessons to be learned in life. Restriction, limitation, fear, structure.

Number of Power. An 8 crystal will stimulate the power to assert and express yourself. Wisdom. Learning through experience. Stability. Patience and responsibility. Financial security. Caution. Restriction. Self-Discipline and self-control.
NINE - Vibrates to Mars - ruler of Aries (Mars is male sexual drive. Energy. Assertiveness. Anger. How we get what we want!).

Number of mastery over lessons of life. If life is a school, a Nine crystal will enable you to pass all your final exams. Overcome the challenges of illness. Loss of Job. Change on any level. Courage. Conflict.
TEN - Vibrates to Pluto - ruler of Scorpio (Pluto is death, transformation, regeneration, birth, sex, power, control, intensity, deep hidden meanings)

The number of 'I am whole' combines the one of the 'I am' with the circle of completion. A ten-faceted crystal develops a sense of oneness with master. Love and Light. Image and ordain - manifestation of thoughts and dreams.
ELEVEN - Master Number. As are twenty-two and thirty-three. A master number has added potential. Symbolises the mastering of the ability to care for others. To accept responsibility. To reach out from a position of authority and to teach or to organise.

TWELVE - Adds up to 3 and completes a cycle. There are 12 signs of the zodiac. 12 hours of the day and night. 12 disciples. 12 faceted crystals symbolises cosmic order. The Trinity. The blend of world and spirit and the ability to express that blend.

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