A place to share astral travel


A place to share astral travel

welcome to our lessons and discutions on Astral traveling , and this his very important you must not do this on your own has it can be very dangerous you must take the gate keeper with you always ,
l will do a lesson here one every week hope th

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Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body

Started by G.O.L DARK RAVEN ONE S.O.L Jun 21, 2014. 0 Replies

The timing of astral disembodiment in which the spirit leaves the body…Continue

WARNING! Extremely Powerful Multidimensional Self Connection - Brainwave - Binaural OM

Started by G.O.L DARK RAVEN ONE S.O.L. Last reply by Donna Mackenzie Dec 1, 2013. 1 Reply

This Binaural is very powerful. If you have never used them before, start on some lower effect and build up.Remember each experience is different.Many different ways, but all lead to the same…Continue

Astral Projection Subliminal inducer

Started by G.O.L DARK RAVEN ONE S.O.L. Last reply by G.O.L DARK RAVEN ONE S.O.L May 2, 2013. 3 Replies

This audio recording has subliminal messages embbeded which would help you achieve astral projection, removing subconcious fears that may be keeping you from doing it.…Continue

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Comment by Magistar on November 18, 2013 at 4:09pm
Here is a list of things you could experience in one of your lucid excursions... *practice flying
*summon a friend, loved one or famous person
*visit with loved ones who are "on the other side"
*climb a mountain
*go skydiving
*explore the moon or Mars *go scuba diving
*put your hand through material objects *walk on the ceiling
*summon a dream guide or a dream teacher *visit the past or the future
*write a poem, compose a song or create a painting *communicate directly with your subconscious *visit a dream healer
Comment by Magistar on November 18, 2013 at 11:01am
I have started a course teaching lucid dreaming for our members
Comment by Magistar on November 18, 2013 at 10:54am
Each night, we spend about one and a half to two hours dreaming. We dream about once every 90 minutes of sleep. The time you spend in dreams becomes longer throughout the night, from about 10 minutes to around 45 minutes or slightly longer. But what happens when we sleep?
There are five stages of sleep: four stages of NREM (Non-REM) sleep, also called SWS (Slow- Wave Sleep), and one stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The most vivid dreams, and therefore the ones we remember the most, occur during REM sleep (though we dream in other stages too). One sleep cycle is roughly 90 minutes long.

• • •
• •
After up in
(NREM) The first stage is a transition state between wakefulness and sleep. This is the stage that hypnagogic imagery occurs in. It usually passes into stage 2 within a few minutes.
(NREM) During stage 2, the body gradually shuts down, and brain waves become longer in wavelength.
(NREM) Stage 3 usually occurs 30 to 45 minutes after falling asleep the first time. Large, slow delta brain waves are generated.
(NREM) Stage 4 is often called "deep sleep" or "delta sleep". The heart beats the slowest and there is the least brain activity. It is during this stage that sleepwalking usually occurs.
After stage 4, the NREM stages reverse and move back to stage 2, and then into REM sleep.
(REM) During REM sleep, some parts of the brain are nearly as active as while awake. In this stage, your eyes flicker rapidly (hence the acronym Rapid Eye Movement). Your body is paralyzed, probably to prevent you from acting out your dreams.
the REM state, you sometimes wake briefly. This is usually forgotten by the time you wake the morning. If you don't wake up, you go to stage 2.
I never dream anyway.
You do, actually ? you simply don?tm)t remember any of your dreams. In the next chapter, you will find out how to improve your dream recall.
Why do we dream? What do dreams mean?
Comment by Moonlight777 on January 26, 2013 at 3:51pm

I have done it when wide awake as well and it seems to work ok....I noticed there are times when you can tell other people about your unusual experiences and a time when it's better to shut up. Some people aren't ready to hear it. But among my friends it was good to know that many do astral travel...only we'd never told each other before!

Comment by Magistar on January 26, 2013 at 1:50pm
Omg hells granny
Comment by Magistar on January 26, 2013 at 11:11am
Only fall of the couch now
Comment by Magistar on January 26, 2013 at 11:11am
Poor sissy now I understand hehe ask dark raven one about that well I fell over a parked car so yes it can be hazardess
Comment by Magistar on January 26, 2013 at 10:59am
Why stop it we do this all the time
Comment by Magistar on January 26, 2013 at 3:42am
My brother embrace your heritage for your people are protectors of this earth and the four legs, one leg,and the winged ones feel proud as we are and we are only adopted by the Lakota tribe thank you for your posting may the great spirit protect you
Comment by Shadow Walker on January 26, 2013 at 2:14am

cause i do drive a 18 wheeler cross country an i git hammered by alot when im awake or asleep


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