In the kingdom of Merylun,
Once lived a girl called moon.
Her enchanting looks were so Noble,
That the princes of all the seven kingdoms
were under her spell.
They avowed,
Her eyes held all the starts
that twinkles and soothes the scars.
When its gleam would fall on kingdom’s dome,
It would take away the darkness of a million homes.
Her skin, oh! so radiant,
It could heal even a maiden.
Her smile knew all the answers
People would blindly follow her, even the masters.
She was the epitome of calmness,
Her presence would give solace.

When her praises reached the mighty fierce Sun,
He waited no more and his quest begun,
To seek his soul in lovely Moon of Merylun
Who had bewitched him with her innocence.
He searched for many days
in his blazing brilliant light,
little did he know, he gave a fright
to our pristine moon.
as she got burnt in his heat,
So she ran away to furthest east.

People of kingdom were in agony,
As they were detached from their symphony.
Here the Glorious golden sun was in melancholy
his beloved was in distress ’cause of his folly.

After hearing other’s woeful plight
He declared,
he would leave every night,
So that his heart and soul,
can stay safe and come out in sight
to take away the darkness that was swallowing
The seven kingdoms.
To brighten the eerie nights
illuminate the paths of lost souls.

Sun made a great sacrifice
For his beloved to give a paradise.
Even today when a maiden asks,
“Tell me a story where the sun died every night,
To let his moon breath.”
Their beloved would recite
This Legend Of The Sun and The Moon
The greatest ever known start crossed lovers.

by Ankita Singhal


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