**OCTOBER 31** Samhain (or Hallowe'en) The one day out of the year that is considered to have thinnest veil of energetic vibration. This is the day that where access to multimensional space is most easiest. Samhain (Oct 31) is a time where are intuition runs higher and we can become more aware of communications with those on the Other Side of the veil, whether Loved Ones passed over in Spirit, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and the like.

This year, October 31 is also a highly energetic day. Numerologically, it is considered to be a Master Number 11. Characteristics of an 11 day are all about stepping into one's power, and acceptance of self is a unique intuitive and Spiritual Being.

The energy of the 11 is the intuitive of all the numbers. It denotes the characteristic of being a clear channel to the unconscious and subconscious, as well as to the multidimensional realms. It is a number of power and leadership.

So on October 31, know that this is the day inwardly you are being pushed or called to step into these places of inner power, of leadership, of recognition and acceptance of yourself as a Spiritual and Divine Being of Light. And that you really are an Intuitive Being - which is your birthright.

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