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Something that happened to me- Online Sexual Harassment

Real Story about online sexual harassment.

I unfortunately became entwined with this reality group of people. People that say they are xians but they are the most miserable condescending, ignorant people you ever want to meet, that lie and try to railroad people into taking responsibility for their actions. They stalk people, scour the net to find people. All this over a reality board. Anyhoooooooooooo because I am pagan I have been attacked relentlessly on that board. I was also attacked because I will not tolerate injustices and stand up for other people ( my downfall in life) .  Over the course of four years, there have been all kind of things that took, place, lets just say I don't want to have anything to do with many of these people.

Well........ you would think that rejection is the end of the world. These people hyped it up and demonstrated sick attachment to me and a few other people they were attacking.

This one bloke, who I had a platonic friendship with in the past. He attacked me through lies, hate, venom, lies, more lies, then he said I sent him nude photos, gave him lapdances and he posted disgusting photos that he would put his sick mind into graphics. ( Thank goodness he didn't have a real picture of me, he did of others he attacked and it was pretty disgusting.. This went on for awhile. Now when one is being victimized online they say ignore the person, don't respond. Well we all tried to ignore him and his offensive behavior, even left the forum for awhile. I responded to them at times with their lies through my blog and not on that forum. I finally had enough and went at it with him tit for tat last friday. He then posts just last weekend that his sexual harassment was a joke. I mean he and his sidekick ( a female) where talking about my body parts and they want to say it is a joke.

The funny thing is I never even realized until last week that I was being sexually harassed. So drawing on my educational experience. I told him straight that what hew as doing is sexually harassing me and that his statement are not true and the day may come that he will have to prove his statements, and explain why he didn't stop... when I requested he refrain several times. That is when he said his sexual posts about me were a joke.

In ending, nobody has to take unwelcome sexual comments even when one is on the internet.

I shared this story because I never had realized until last week that this is what he was in fact doing. Then I am a hockey fan... and he posted a comment... rooting for a team that was playing against my team. He felt because we both liked hockey and my team came back and won that now we would be friends again. What! I made it clear on several occasions that the platonic friendship we once had would never happen again. Again it was a sick attachment and this bloke is suppose to be married. I did post to him in my combat with him that it was unusual for a married man to post online several times that he is married, his wife is suppose to be sitting right next to him each time he posts and that he is saying he is fooling around with another woman. Another one of his sidekicks posted again it was all a joke.

Ladies and Gents ( this happens to men as well out of all fairness) Unless you are personally interested you do not have to put up with these type of unwelcome comments and may I suggest that if one becomes interested take it to privacy mode.

Here is what I posted to Mr so called Lothario who was sexually violating me online for months.

Unwanted sexual attention on the Internet occurs when a harasser uses direct personal communication to harass a victim. Additionally, the harasser uses personal communication to convey messages directly relating to sex and/or sexuality which are unwanted or unwelcome by the victim. Such messages often: (1) refer to the victim's sex organs; (2) refer to the victim's sex life; (3) refer to intimate subjects; (4) impose sex-related images or sounds; or (5) insinuate or offer sex-related activities. Furthermore, a harasser who uses unwanted sexual attention to harass a victim online, intends to solicit sexual cooperation from his/her victim either on the Internet or in person.
Online Sexual Harassment

I should add that once a person asks the person sexually harassing them to stop. The person is bound by law to stop. If the person chooses not to stop.... they will have a difficult time explaining why they did not stop, if one chooses to pursue the person sexually harassing them online through the rigors of the law.

In ending these people did anything to get my and others attention, they used racism, used my religion against me and brought my family that they did not know into it. I was quite angry when I realized last week that I was being sexually harassed and violated. Please be aware, because it can happen to you.

Hugs to you all.

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