That is up to debate since the Church did not take responsibility however acknowledged that past Xians were the culprits On one hand the pope's apology was a reflection on a world vision, so one could argue it included pagans. This apology was more general and not specific to any one culture or religion. You be the judge.

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I read the article at the link you posted. I did not know of this "apology". I do not listen to the Pope or anything issued from the Vatician. In my opinion, and mine alone, roman catholics are a bunch of hippocrits. In other words, it's OK to sin, as long as you confess and say 3 hail mary's, you can go do it again. If you are a "father" or other men of authority you can molest and take advantage of children or other people that are looking to you for guidance. When a complaint is made, they just move the priest to another location and keep it quite. I have been reading alot of medieval history and the wars fought for "the holy crusade" were horrific. I will get off my soap box. Thank you for posting and interesting topic.
Greetings Clouddancer,

I remember vaguely about an apology, but didn't really pay that much attention to it. After all IMO apologies should have been made a long time ago all over the globe. I was just curious to see if anyone thought that the apology included pagans. The apology itself was carefully crafted to not blemish the Church but followers of Xianity. I guess it is as far as the Pope could go as he was normally advised on what to say and what not to say. I also agree with you, there is nothing like someone sitting in the first pew every Sunday, then going out and mistreating and abusing everyone, doing more harm then good. Then the expectation of going to church and that the act of one going to church sitting in the first pew, giving the most money for charitable donation is going to not only give them a pass and forgiveness but... the ultimate destiny of eternity in what is called heaven. Oh boy are we on the same page, the fact that so many Xian priests have molested children over the course of history and time, not only choir boys but native children and all other children from all walks of life. Yet nothing is done, I am waiting for the day that Rome damns these priests to eternal of their hell that they preach. But wait.... that will never happen even though over history people have been damned and flamed, marginlized by Xian priests for less and for what they call sins. I wonder how it alludes the Catholic church that sexually raping little children is a sin.

Getting into the Catholic and Xian church lets not forget how the first orphanages came about and that was with the lustful union of priests and nuns. ( another secret kept withen the walls of the Vatican). :D

No need for thanks, I find many other topics that you and others post very interesting. Very informational worthy and giving food for thought. :D



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