Has anyone ever heard of this new phenomenon " The Oneness Blessing"?


 I am constantly searching for a truth , my truth or the truth. One day I ran across the adage of " The oneness blessing". The title alone caught my attention and I was eager to read on, research and learn more. After all, this may be a spiritual breakthrough. I searched and read and searched and read then became increasingly disappointed and annoyed at the message being given out about the oneness blessing. It appears that the only way that the oneness blessing can be bestowed on any individual is by a oneness facilitator. The Oneness blessing is described as " a key"  to end human suffering. It is an energy healer and a transfer and shifting of the how people think, react, live. It will bring people joy, happiness and love.

This was enthralling to read the intent of the oneness blessing until I kept reading no matter where I read that a oneness facilitator had to be the ONE to give that blessing in order to see a remarkable change in those that seek oneness.

Um why? Why is it that a facilitator is the only authority of oneness that bestows what is being said a great gift from spirit. Is the facilitator a chosen one, is the facilitator greater then the great spirit. Why? IMHO as usual something with the intent of good and enhancing human peace and greatness is met with greed. Not only is the oneness blessing being sanctioned to the all knowing omnipresence of the oneness facilitator, one must pay great amounts of money in the thousands to receive such a blessing. 

What always disturbs me is that some people are gullible to believe in this crap and pay someone that money and they get nothing but duped and preyed upon by con artists. What further annoys me is that the concept and intent itself on the oneness blessing is a great, it is unfortunate that it is being endorsed in the way it is. 

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very interesting there are lots of people who are gullible and who do belive and will pay lots of money and there are lots of people who are motiveted by greed and make lots of money from these people and no it should not be this way thank you for sharing
Good day DR,

It is unfortunate that so many can be taken in because they are seeking a relief of something. No it should not be that way at anytime for any religion or path.

Have a great day :D


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