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Warriors of the Rainbow - It Is Time!

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John Trudell I have No Country

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the warriors code

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Native American Symbols

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The Shaman's Last Apprentice

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Penetrating the Darkness Wisdom of the Owl

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the main thing his that you are back home and that you have found yourself again love nd light to you

Comment by Ronald Laboe on March 26, 2014 at 10:59pm

This is my first visit to this group since coming home to Pagan Fire Side. There's a lot here. I sometimes wonder how I gotlost. What WAS I thinking/

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Received in Letter dated 2009-05-09 from Maori Grandmother in New Zealand

tenei taku moemoea

One of many Dreams and Visions in the Spirit which I received during 1995;

I was resting at the banks of the river. The eagle came and lifted me off the ground. He took me to a Country and landed  high on a cliff . Below was a canyon. A woman dressed in Cream/white came toward me. She was the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was Native American Indian. Behind her were several women in a line.  She beckoned to me for help  with pleading in her beautiful eyes. I went closer to the cliff edge and looked to the ground in the canyon. There i saw many males; it appeared they were trapped down there. The eagle spoke to me what to do; and he gathered me again under his wing. I called to the men below to link hands like a chain. The eagle lowered me to the first male and I reached out to him; took his hand and the eagle lifted me up to the cliff again. One by one because they had linked hands the men were arriving to the top. As they were in file they paired off with a female and disappeared (like went on their merry way) there were many and i just stood as they re-connected what felt like with their spouses. They were so happy going off in pairs. When the last warrior was up he to partnered with the woman waiting. The eagle then gathered me again and bought me home.
…Sunday 10th May 2009, New Zealand (Mothers Day / Night)…(Fourteen years later)…
Last night the same women in white came to my dream. This time she thanked me because she was the first to leave at the cliff that day (14 yrs ago). She asked if I would go to that Land/country; and if i would I will be taken care of. I replied: “If it is the WILL of The Creator then I go.” We smiled at each other then She took my hand and held it to her face ..I woke; and before me were standing my old people (ancestors) in spirit. They Blessed me. I felt they were supporting the invitation… I prayed to God for strength and direction; I felt at Peace I was at Peace…  closed my eyes and slept.
My Brother… Back then 14 yrs ago I had never known anything about Indian Nation or the people.
Today I still know little; but what i do know is we have the same Heart for Papatuanuku/ Mother Earth and all inhabitants. I believe One In The Same Spirit. Though I lack understanding/ and knowledge in many ways; I was told it is a Good thing in these matters they said I am fine. It is my Faith, Trust and Obedience that is required; (that they love). Therefore I do not Fear. But rather I Follow and Believe what I have been given… I did not see my Eagle this time; instead I Heard Him and I felt Him.. That was when I closed my eyes and Peacefully went to sleep…
I believe you know who the women in white is. You have the knowledge in your veins. please share with me.

Respectfully with much Love
In Spirit and in Truth


Comment by Shadowdancer on December 12, 2012 at 7:59pm

Thank you for sharing, i have never been to see the Hot Springs, and it sounds really peaceful and beautiful - pristine. I'm sorry to read about the earth-moving equipment, it sounds like this valley, the caves and mountains, etc. should be protected land and not disturbed at all.


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