2012 footage - NEW Thunderstorm UFO!!! 7 Light 'Arch' in Lightning!

2012 -NEW Thunderstorm UFO!!! 7 Light 'Arch' in Lightning!

MUST SEE!!! An awesome sighting has taken place during a thunderstorm in late August of 2012 over Guadalajara, Mexico. 7 lights appearing to be in an 'arch' formation, reacting to every lightning strike are clearly visible. However, when looked at carefully, the bright light from the strikes seem to reveal one huge, solid object. Thanks for watching and I look forward to all your comments & opinions! Namaste friends!

Original video by : http://www.youtube.com/user/misterioc...


I Loved this footage - see the whole ship at 1:47 on the counter in the lightning so the lights you are seeing are a distraction to cloak the ship itself,there is only one ship where you think the lights mean there are seven separate UFO's..crafty buggars arnt they... they just move the lights around the ship, kinda reminds me of those angler fish in the deep ocean how they use their glowing light to lure their prey while the huge momma fish is in the dark where you cant really see her..



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