UFO SIGHTINGS: Birdwatcher Spots UFO In The Skies Over Burwell, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom - December 4, 2014!

The UFO over Burwell. (Credit: Dc S/YouTube)

December 31, 2014 -  UNITED KINGDOM - A birdwatcher claims he saw a UFO in the skies above Burwell ... and he’s got the footage to prove it. 

The sighting took place at 4.14pm on December 4. The clip, which lasts for more than five minutes, has been viewed hundreds of times on YouTube. 

The person who uploaded it said: “After an afternoon’s birdwatching I spotted this in the distance, what on earth is it?

The UFO above Burwell. (Credit: Dc S/YouTube)

“Never seen anything like it before. This is shortly after I saw 2 cv-22 osprey military planes in the area.”

One poster was in no doubt about what was captured in the footage. 

They said: “UFO unidentified flying object from outer space with space aliens onboard coming to kill us all.”

WATCH: UFO over Burwell.

LOL explain this one Mr Govt, and what ever you say dont say its a plane or a balloon or Chinese lanterns,flares or swamp gas,cos we all know it aint any of those..just brilliant UFO footage!!!...

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