Blood Type: A+

Blood Types Novel


Written By: Tessa Simpson



Chapter 1








We were in the woods down the street from my house, when all of a sudden we heard something moving. I threw a rock at it to try and scare it away, but it didn’t work. I tried throwing another; I guess I made it mad, because it made this weird sound and started running. It got closer and closer, then, we realized it was running toward us.

"Run, it’s chasing us!” I screamed as we saw the shadows of the creature sprinting toward us. I guess you're wondering why me and my friends are running from a creature in the middle of the woods at midnight. Not only is it passed all of our curfews, but it's a school night. My name is Tessa Simpson, I'm 16 years old, and I live in Alabama. Jared, my boyfriend, lives next door with his mother, Sharon, and younger sister, Ashley.

Jared, Ashley, and I were running from something in the woods, something that is so bad it couldn't even live within your worst nightmare. I'm not sure what it is and I know they aren't sure either. Whatever it is I hope it doesn't have a disease; it bit all three of us. We're not sure how we are going to tell our parents, especially since it was midnight and our curfew was 11 o'clock. We ran until we made it back to Ridgeway Rd. We had to stop to catch our breath, also thinking of a way to not get caught. Hopefully our parents were already in bed.

As we walked up the porch steps at Jared and Ashley's house, we saw a light turn on in the living room. Surely their mom was asleep; she had to be at work early in the morning. Jared turned the doorknob, but it was locked. This is also strange.

"How are we supposed to get in?" Ashley asked in confusion.

"I'm not sure. Maybe we should try going to my house", I suggested.

I thought I saw something moving in my house as we approached. My front door was locked, too. We walked around to the back door and it was unlocked.

"I'm glad we got in away from that thing out there," Jared said as he broke the silence, "but how are we going to explain this to everyone?"

"I don't know, I'm still trying to figure that out," I replied. "I wonder where my Grannie is. She'll know what to do." We walked about a mile to my Grannie's house to see what she could do. My Grannie is the best, she would do anything to keep me from getting in trouble for things I never did. I knew she would still be awake, because on the nights of the full moon she stays up all night meditating and making potions for her health. She's like a medicine witch; everything she makes is completely safe. She only makes it for an illness or pain, almost like making home-made cough medicine.

When we got to the front door, I knocked our secret knock. Grannie looked out of the window to check to see who it was; when she saw it was me and my friends, she quickly opened the door and blew about a million questions at us. Before any of us could answer, she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

"Are you kids alright?" was the last question that came out of her mouth. My Grannie can tell when something is wrong, even before I get to her house.

“Well, we were in the woods and lost track of time and around midnight we saw something moving so we threw a rock at it to see what it was. We never found out what it was though, but it bit all three of us. Do you have something to put on so it doesn’t get infected?”

“You kids shouldn’t be in the woods after dark, it’s dangerous. I’ll go and see what I can find. Maybe this lesson will teach you not to go somewhere that is dangerous, especially after dark.”

I doubt that would keep us from going back into the woods after dark. Maybe next time we won’t throw rocks at things and make them mad enough to bite us.

“Here is something that I just whipped up. It should help if the bite has an itch, if it burns, or has a fever in it,” Grannie said while rubbing her home-made ointment on our bites. “Do you want me to call your parents?”

“Sure Grannie and thanks for the medicine. Hey, I think it’s going away!” I exclaimed looking down at my arm with amazement. “Jared, Ashley, check your bites. Are they going away like mine is?” Sure enough our bites were disappearing. I wonder what grandma made that ointment with. She called our parents, but no answer at both houses. We thought that maybe they didn't hear the phone ringing, so we told my Grannie that we should go home and get some sleep. It was only a few hours until we would have to get up for school. Walking home, we kept hearing strange sounds, almost like dogs howling. I guess it makes sense seeing as there is a full moon tonight.

“Are you getting thirsty?” I asked as I felt my throat drying. “I’m dying for a drink.”

“Actually, now that you mention it, I am feeling a little dry in the throat area,” Jared replied.

“Same with me, I could kill for a drink,” Ashley said.

Too bad we didn’t know that killing was going to be the only way to get what we needed to quench our thirst.

When we got to my house, we decided that Jared and Ashley would stay over since they couldn't get in their house. As we stepped inside through the back door into the kitchen, a blanket of chills run down my spine. I turned on the kitchen light to find that the kitchen was destroyed, like a fight had taken place here. I looked at Jared and Ashley, like me they were surprised.

"What do you think happened here?" Ashley asked.

"I don't know," I answered, thinking the same thing, "I better go and see if my parents are upstairs asleep."

"We'll go with you, I don't know about you Ashley, but I'm not staying down here."

"I'm going with you ,too. No way am I staying down here by myself."

I wasn't sure what I'd find upstairs, but for some reason I had a feeling that I wouldn't find my parents asleep in bed. Actually I was afraid to go up and check, but I'd rather find out than wonder what about things that might be happeneing to them right now. While we were walking through the hallway upstairs, I thought I'd heard something hit the ground, like someone jumped through the window. I told myself to stop freaking out, but I spoke too soon, I opened the door to my parent's room and no one was in there.

"Umm... Tessa where are your parents?" Jared asked quietly.

"I wish I could answer that, but I'm not sure," I replied. "Maybe we should just go to bed, maybe tonight was just a big nightmare."

"We can't all dream the same thing, though," Ashley added.

Although I knew she was right, we decided that going to sleep was the only thing we could do right now; though, we didn't even close one eye. We couldn't sleep, not because we were scared; we just wasn't tired.

Later that morning, I noticed that it was almost 6 a.m. I knew school would be starting soon, so I jumped in the shower. Looking in the bathroom mirror, I noticed I looked different, almost like a model. Also, my hair was already fixed how I was going to fix it for school.

"Jared, could you come here for a second?" I asked.

"Sure, one second," he replied. "Hey, has anyone noticed something different about them? I looked in the mirror and I don't look like myself."

"Same with me. I look like a model," I told him in agreement. When he saw me, his mouth dropped open.

"Wow! You do look like a model," he literally screamed. "Not that you weren't beautiful before, but your skin, you have like the perfect complexion."

"Ashley, have you noticed something different about you", I questioned.

"Uhh... actually yes, I went outside to get the paper to see if anyone else knew about the disturbance last night, and the sun burned my skin! It really burned it, look!", she exclaimed. "Should we go back and talk to your Grannie?" Ashley asked with a worried look on her face.

"Probably, I'm a little scared, but maybe it's just a side-effect to her home-made ointment. You know, some moisturizers say 'May cause skin sensitivity, wear sunscreen outside', that could be all it is", I assured her.

We assumed that the ointment gave us sensitive skin, so we lathered up in some sunscreen and grabbed our stuff for school. As we waited outside for the bus, I noticed a tree limb had fallen. It looked as if a storm had came through last night, but I was up all night and it hadn't even rained. Then I remembered hearing something last night that sounded like someone was jumping through the second-story window, trying to escape. If anyone jumped through that window they wouldn't have lived through it, especially if on their way down they hurt the tree limb so hard that it broke.

The bus ride didn't seem to take as long as it usually does, but it was still just as crowded with annoying, screaming kids. I can't wait until I can buy a car, so I won’t have to ride this extremely over-heated bus. Wait, over heated? It's the beginning of December, why am I burning up? Even with the bus heater on, I still have to wear a jacket, but today I'm wearing a short-sleeve shirt.

I looked at Jared and Ashley, they too are wearing short-sleeve shirts. I know Grannie's ointment side-effects wouldn't include that. Everyone kept glaring at us and giving us strange looks, probably because they are wearing gloves, heavy coats, and winter boots and we are wearing only a t-shirt and jeans.

I bet they think we're crazy!

When we arrived at school, everyone exchanged glances. Jared's probably thinking he has to watch out for other guys flirting with me more, I'll have to do the same for him with girls. I just know the cheerleaders will be the first ones to flirt with him.

"Hey, Jared, you look different man!" Thomas Rhodes screamed from across parking lot. Thomas is Jared's best friend, they’ve been in the same class since Kindergarten. For a while, Ashley and Thomas had a huge crush on each other, but when we started middle school a few years ago they had no interest in each other anymore.

“Hey Thomas! I know, it’s weird. Did you hear or see anything last night that seemed unusual?” Jared questioned.

“No, why? Did something happen last night?” Thomas answered with concern.

“Umm… yes, but you have to promise you won’t say anything,” Jared whispered.

As Jared was telling Thomas about the situation last night, I turned to talk to Ashley, but she wasn’t there. Finally I saw her talking to a guy. I walked over and noticed I’ve never seen this guy before. He must be new, I thought. Maybe Ashley likes him, when she blushed at his comment she turned and looked at me.

“Oh! Tessa, I didn’t see you there. This is Manuel Rivera, he’s new here,” she said with enthusiasm.

I smiled at her and she smiled back meaning she really likes him. I turned to look at Manuel. “So Manuel, what school did you come from?” I asked.

“I came from a private school in Colorado,” Manuel replied just as Jared and Thomas walked up. Ashley introduced them to Manuel and then the bell rang to go to homeroom. While our homeroom teacher was checking to see if anyone was absent Jared gave me a note saying: I have a weird feeling about Manuel… Do you? I shook my head no to answer his question. I was trying to figure out why Jared would have a weird feeling about someone he just met, when my thoughts were interrupted, the teacher was introducing us to Manuel. Lucky for Ashley, the only open seat was in front of her. She turned around and smiled and I gave her a thumbs up. She really, really likes him. She turned back around to face the front of the class, then I looked up and saw Manuel smiling at Ashley. Manuel sits in the desk in front of her and they start talking. When the bell rang, Ashley waited for me and Jared to catch up.


“I think someone has a crush on the new guy,” I said as she smiled.

Jared chimed in, “I think there’s something weird about him, Ashley be careful please. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Nothing will happen. And how could you have a weird feeling when you just met him? You don’t even know him yet,” she said while opening her locker, “Well I’ll see y’all at lunch. Bye.”

“Bye, see you at lunch,” Jared and I said at the same time. As we walked to our locker, I noticed I could hear people’s conversations. Some were interesting, but some I wish I had never heard. I was so busy listening in on everyone’s conversations that I almost walked right past mine and Jared’s locker. Jared grabbed my arm and asked, “Aren’t you going to get your book?”

“What?”, I asked in confusion.

“Your book, you need your book for first period.”

“Oh yea, what was I thinking? Sorry,” I said apologetically as I watched him turning the combination to open the locker.

Walking into first period was different, because I could feel the negative energy level rise. Mine and Jared’s first period English teacher, Mrs. Broom, was a mean, old woman. She would yell at you if you didn’t pronounce a word correctly. She was from a northern state, Vermont I believe, but she really hates the country redneck accents that we have.

“Class, I’m not going to be here for much longer; after Christmas Break, I’m going to retire. Don’t be sad, I’m sure I will see some of you around town. We still have a lot of work to do, though,” Mrs. Broom said as the class groaned about the work she had written on the board, but everyone was happy that she was leaving soon.

Fifty minutes later, the bell rang to go to our 2nd class, which is my favorite class, Mythology. We’ve been studying about ‘Werewolves’ and ‘Vampires’, and how they are sworn enemies. So far this is my favorite chapter. I really do enjoy reading about werewolves and vampires.

Standing outside of the classroom was my Mythology teacher, Mr. Smith. Not only was his class my favorite one out of all the others, but he was my favorite teacher as well. I greeted Mr. Smith, before I walked into the classroom.

“How has your day been Mr. Smith?” I asked.

“It’s been wonderful. And yours?” he replied.

“Mine has been weird, but magical,” I said smiling.

Jared was standing beside me, while I was talking to Mr. Smith. It almost felt as though I could read Jared’s thoughts. I somehow knew he wanted hear today’s lecture about vampires, because he had a hunch about what was going on with us. I think he’s going crazy, but it’s a possibility that we could very well be vampires. We still weren’t sure of what bit us the night before. That, I was still wondering.

Oh no, I thought as we walked into the classroom. Manuel has this class, too, and Jared doesn’t like him. The worse part is, he’s sitting by us. This should be interesting.

“Class, you all should know that in this chapter we are covering ‘Vampires’ and ‘Werewolves’. You should also know that they are enemies,” Mr. Smith explained. “Can anyone tell me why?”

Manuel was the first to raise his hand.

“It has to do with the sun and moon. The sun is the vampire’s enemy and the moon is the werewolf’s enemy,” Manuel said, answering the question with confidence.

Mr. Smith quickly responded, reassuring him, “You are absolutely correct, Mr. Rivera.”

Wow, this Manuel guy really knows his myths. I wonder if he’s this smart in all of his classes. We learned more about the sun and moon and how it affects vampires and werewolves. Soon after, the bell rang to go to the 3rd class.

Oh great, math is my next class, I thought. We stopped by our locker so he could get his gym clothes and so I could get my math book. We don’t have the same math class. I have advanced math, which is Algebra 2 with Mrs. Nichols and he has standard math, which is Geometry with Mr. Ward. I feel really sorry for Jared, because I hate the way Mr. Ward teaches. No one can understand it, and geometry is harder than algebra.

Saying bye to Jared was difficult, we have been dating for over a year, but we don’t have all the same classes together so I have to say bye sometimes.

“I’ll see you in History class. Bye, I love you,” I said giving him a big hug.

“Ok, love you, too,” he replied smiling and hugging me back. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and left for Gym class.

Mrs. Nichols classroom was on the other side of the school, so I better walk fast so that I’m not late, I thought to myself. Being late wasn’t the only thing I was thinking about; I’ve had a lot on my mind today. I also have a lot of unanswered questions. Again, I was in deep thought when I ran right into Manuel.

“Sorry,” I apologized.

“It’s fine, no harm done,” he responded with a smile. “ Do you also have this class?”

“Unfortunately yes,” I said laughing. “It’s not hard, but Mrs. Nichols gives a lot of homework.”

Manuel groaned, “It’s a good thing that I’m used to a lot of homework.”

To Be Continued....

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Good start Tess, if we have time this week-end, I'll help you flow of the story, do an outline, bio of the characters. Hugs, Grannie
Thank yall so much. I'm really looking foward to finishing this book. This is my dream, I love reading and writing. (:
you need some one who his trained to look at storys like a publisher l have read it and yes it his a good fantasy story so far well done
Thanks Grannie, Auntie Joan, and Gypsy Genie. I'm hoping that I can find someone who has written a book and had it published, so they can look at the book I'm writing and give me their opinion about it. Where would I go to get it published when it's finished?
Ok. I'd like to have J.K. Rowling's email address so I can send it to her and get her opinion.


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