...In the Land of Nod, way back in the forest near a bubbling brook was the village of Noddingham. It was a small village, as were the people, they were magickal winged creatures of the forest, called Manchus. They only ventured out of their village at dawn and dusk to gather berries, food and other things they needed, they were so afraid they were going to be caught by the wicked Queen of Worstershire. It is said whom so ever chances to catch a creature from Noddingham will be gifted with 3 wishes from the creature if it wishes to be set free. And you must set it free after you get your wishes or you will be turned to stone. The wicked Queen had been trying to catch a Manchu for 33 years. She put out a bounty of 100 dinars to anyone you brought her a live Manchu. The years passed, no one was able to find the village of Noddingham because all the Manchus were taught from an early age not to venture outside the village except at dusk or dawn. It was at this time of the day that they were invisible to humans. The Queen was getting older, her beauty fading, the wealth of her kingdom dwindling, the peasants beginning to stir up trouble. The crops were dying due to a drought tht had befallen the area. The milk cows were drying up. Times were hard at the Queen's Fortress. Which made her temper even worse. She doubled the bounty! 200 dinars for a live Manchu. As bad as things were for the humans everything was rosey in the village of Noddingham. Young Chester Leams and Misty Tompkins had been seen around the village holding hands. The elders were whispering that a marriage was in the making. Late one afternoon Misty and Chester were strolling through the village arms entwined, heads bent together whispering sweet I Love You's. And just strolling along with no thought of time, they strolled past the village gates and into the forest. They did not take notice, so envolved in each other as they were, that it was not yet dusk and not safe to be outside the magickal gates of Noddingham. Just so happen, as they stepped into the fading sunlight, they walked right into a little human girl named Sarah. Sarah scooped down and picked up the little Manchus before they realized what had happened. Sarah ran home as fast as her little crippled legs could carry her to show her Mommy her new dollies. When her Mother saw the little creatures she knew exactly what they were and what luck that her little Sarah had captured them. Quickly she took them from Sarah and put them in an old birdcage high up on the table. Little Sarah cried for she wanted to play with the new dollies, she did not understand what her Mother meant when she said they were going to be rich when they took them to the Queen. "NO!" said Sarah "Mine!" "No dear", said her Mother, "I will buy you a new baby doll". Quickly she gave Sarah a shortbread cookie and led the sniffling child away. Her Mother was already planning on how they were going to spend all those dinars! They would certainly move somewhere better and she could have some new dresses and maybe a horse and buggy. As she waited for her husband to come back from the day's work so they could rush the Manchu's to the Queen, little Sarah slowly edged back toward the house. Chester and Misty knew what they had done, they were miserable, crying, holding on to one another. They vowed they would never show the wicked Queen where their village was located, they would die first. High atop the table they got a good look around them, how miserable these humans lived! It was nothing like their beautiful forest homes by the babbling brook. They started to feel sorry for the humans, maybe there was some way they could bargain their way free and not be taken to the evil Queen. Just then little Sarah came back in the room. She pulled a chair over to the table and tried to climb up on the chair but could not quite make it. She next dragged a crate over to the chair. Even with her crippled legs she managed to make it up to the chair, then up on the table. "Yipee!" she cried out as she opened the door to the little bird cage and took out the little Manchus. She carefully put them in her pocket and climbed down. She was going to take them to the edge of the forest where her favorite spot to play was, in a field of violets. She took them out of her pocket and sat them on the ground. Chester and Misty were frightened of this large human but then they realized she was just a little girl and her legs were so deformed it was very hard for her to walk. Misty began crying in sorrow for the child and when her one of her tears touched the deformed legs they magically became transformed into perfect limbs! Both Misty and Chester were surprised by this but glad also. "Sarah" her Mother cried out "Where are you?" "Here Mommy" the child giggled with glee as she jumped to her feet. Her Mother was stunned, her little baby girl was perfect! She was standing erect. Chester and Misty didn't know whether to try and run for it or not because they could not lead these humans to their home in the forest! Sarah ran and jumped up into her Mother's arms forgetting her new toys for the moment. Her Mother made no effort to capture the Manchus again. Chester and Misty grabbed each other's hand and started backing away. Dusk was coming soon and just before they disappeared Chester made a broad gesture with both hands and the land came alive again. Trees started to blossom, vegetables began appearing on dried up stalks. A light rain began to fall. Sarah saw her Father coming down the hill and ran off to greet him as fast as her little legs could run. Her Mother started off to greet her husband and she looked back over her shoulder where Chester and Misty stood invisible just in the edge of the forest and with tears rolling down her face she gave the slightest wave of her hand and continued to walk to greet her husband and try to explain what a miracle Sarah had found . THE END by @Cherish 6/21/08

This little story took about an hour and 1/2 to write. I am not a fast typist. I suggest everyone try this.Get a thought in your head and go with it. No planned scenes or outcome. Let the magick move your fingers across the keyboard.


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that was so wonderful i realy enjoyed reading this thank you sis thank you so much
Thank you, Terry, it was my first attempt at free writing, it was alot of fun. I may give it a go again soon. I have an unfinished work I put in my blog, it was written from memories, but I got to an emotional part, and the writing has stalled. I hope to finish it. It does not have a happy ending and I guess I am reluntant to finish writing it out.


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