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  • gadgets and gizmos

    23 members Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2014

    adrian will speak about new gadgets via vidio,

    for those who keep upto date with modern technology

  • Fight Back!

    16 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2014 A group to discuss ways of fighting the `establishment' that is, drug and chemical companies who wish us to be dependent on them alone for our health…

  • Photography technology

    10 members Latest Activity: Jun 30, 2016

    a group for anyone who likes to take photos and share with other people!!!

  • Tarot and Tarot Reading

    36 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2017 Find information on everything tarot here. Also there is tarot readings for anyone that would like to make a donation to the site.

  • Trials Overcome

    13 members Latest Activity: Oct 31, 2015 A group for those who have hurt before. A place where we can come together and heal as one

  • protection amulets/talismans

    33 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2016

    a bag, some herbs, some mojo, what can you suggest for protection for home/family/vehicles.

  • cloud dancer speaks

    35 members Latest Activity: Nov 29, 2014

    Vidieos will be placed here of cloud dancer to speak to all.

  • Mother Nature's Wisdom

    49 members Latest Activity: Jul 29, 2017 A group where we can connect and learn how to uncover the Hidden Mysteries of Mother Nature. Her signs, omens & messages.


    21 members Latest Activity: Oct 31, 2015 THIS IS VIDIOS OF THE SO CALLED GODS AND THE CREATORS

  • The Druid's Corner

    27 members Latest Activity: Feb 27, 2017 A quiet place to learn and discuss Druid magic and Celtic lore......

  • The Daily Awakening

    16 members Latest Activity: Oct 31, 2015 All paths are welcome

  • The Plythorium Hearth

    12 members Latest Activity: Dec 24, 2016 This is a forum for those of like mind to meet , chat, discuss, grow and feel comfortable in a pagan environment. Feel to join if you wish.

  • Myths, Legends and Haunted Houses

    41 members Latest Activity: Jun 22, 2015 Myths, legends and tales of old. Mystic creatures, haunted houses, ghosts and the supernatural beings. Unexplained happenings, alternate spiritual…

  • psychic lessons

    21 members Latest Activity: Jun 22, 2015 these lessons are to teach those who wish to hone their psychic ability

  • beloved kwan yin

    13 members Latest Activity: Nov 14, 2016 the site for those who feel close to this wonderful lady

  • Star trek online

    9 members Latest Activity: May 8, 2014 anything to do with star trek online

  • healing with herbs

    34 members Latest Activity: Jul 21, 2017 a groub about herbs and their uses

  • the teachings of the shaman

    33 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2016 Welcome to the group this is not an easy path ,but a worthwhile one. Practice the exercises given but remember it won't happen overnight, this is not…

  • Recovery For Pagans

    12 members Latest Activity: Mar 3, 2015 This is for all those in AA or NA

  • Writers' Corner

    38 members Latest Activity: Dec 24, 2016 Writers' Corner is a group for expressing emotion through stories and poetry. Poems and stories, myths and legends, or any words that your heart…

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