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The secret of love is love ... sempre_Texto_Sidnei Piedade

I will always be by your side where we are eternal lovers ... the most beautiful gift God deu..pois me it made you for me. My world is yours, where we are just one heart where I made my home ... my self in you. Beside him follow my destination because it was an angel who came into my life ... true love.…


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No comando do seu coração_Sidnei Piedade

I am a drift boat sailing on the seas of life looking for a route a shortcut to dock at the port of your heart. In love those who love ... always want a little more feeding the body and soul found peace and calm. Traveled within you looking for the origin of you ... for your eyes his mouth made me…


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Its that time in the UK when frosts are no more and nature comes back to life as winter ends.bumble bees start to buzz about bringing sound back to the garden.birds gather nesting materials to start that glorious courtship and song and life new life starts in the UK there are many things we can do to help our garden friends,food for the birds,bundles of sticks for insect nesting colonies,stack up short prices of bamboo for the smaller bumble bees such as leaf cutters to nest in…


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wise ones

Down through the ages,

You cursed us with lies,

The craft of the old ones,

You hate and despise,

Our seasons and festivals,

You stole as your own,

To remove all the old gods,

And put yours on the throne,

You burnt us in fires,

To cleanse us with pain,

How foolish you are,

We shall rise again,

Our craft lasts forever,

Our wise folk and sages,

Pagans and witches,

Through all of the ages,

Truth cant be…


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a bit about me.

Hi iam new to this site so feel it only polite to introduce myself,iam dean a Celtic hedge witch from nuneaton in the UK.from when I was a young child I was interested in witch craft,my aunty was a witch,and another aunty was a spiritualist family has Irish,scot,French and anglo-saxon roots so quite a mixed bag a child I had visions and was able to communicate with I grew older I lost this ability for a while but it came back when I began to practice the craft…


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