June 2011 Blog Posts (3)

Man Divides/Conquers Jerusalem -- will Creator do so at New Madrid?

Man Divides/Conquers Jerusalem -- will Creator do so at New Madrid?

By Will "Blueotter" Anderson, founder of Prophecykeepers Foundation

Please forward this to those you care about!

People may laugh at and sideline "conspiracy nuts" but historically speaking, conspiracy is how Republics are brought down. The Framers of The US Constitution knew that Republics had the longest lives as nations, but were prone to conspiracy. Rome was destroyed from within by domestic… Continue

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Good Day All On My Favorite Group

Good Day All on my favorite group,

Its true Pagan Fire Side is my favorite pagan group. I tested and tried other groups in the past few months or so, just not quite the same ambiance as Pagan Fire Side. I don't get here much,but I do see some of you elsewhere. :D

Hugs and have a BB day.

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Return of the Serpent - Merlin

Return of the Serpent - Becoming Masters.

Message from Merlin channelled through Whitefeather.

I come during this New Moon energy to share with you some guidance regarding various planetary energies and their affects on humanity and the Earth Mother at this time.

As the time of the solstices, both Summer and Winter, approach, this is a time of great power in which the Suns power is anchored into the Earth Mother providing a portal for the laying own of the Ascension Grids… Continue

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