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The History of the Skull and Crossbones

History of the Skull and Crossbones

The skull and the crossbones has a very long history. Let's take a look at it.

In the Stregheria Tradition of Witchcraft, the skull represent our

sacrificial God. The crossbones represent the guardianship over the

gateway to the Otherworld.

The skull also represents ancestral knowledge and wisdom. It is also…


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I recently separated from my husband. I have talked about doing it for 10 years but finally had that proverbial "last straw". I am staying with my daughter, who is going through a nasty divorce, and her twins. I am here to support and help her. Sometimes it's hard, both emotionally and physically. I have to climb stairs now and my physical ailments have returned and been added to. Bad back, painfully swolen feet. I may have broken an ankle - I'll find out Wednesday. Forest Gump's mom was so… Continue

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