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Happy Holiday!! Everyone.

I know I haven't been on the site much, but wanted to stop in and wish everyone a good Samhain. :-) Del

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The Goddess Tree Grows - Broom - The 12th Month of te Celtic Calendar

Physician's Strength

12th month of Celtic Tree calendar, October 28 - November 24

12th letter of the Ogham alphabet - nGetal

nGetal is a tree-letter of well-being and healing.

It counsels you to tend to the health of your mind, body, and spirit,

and reminds you of the need to foster your vitality through rites of cleansing and renewal.

Planet: The… Continue

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Trying to find a song

I recently found a wonderful song on a samhain card of all things.

Its located at http://www.care2.com/send/card/6081 this libk should take you right to the card. If not its in the Halloween section page 3 labled samhain.

Beautifully done. I love the image and the song is very beautiful. Actually the lyrics would fit this site perfect. I need help finding the song to download and to find out who sings it.

I sent it as a card… Continue

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Some Pagan poems I've written

The Path

Praise be! Praise Be!

The guiding light, has been shown to me!

I walked alone, confused and despaired,

I needed a sign that someone was there.

I walked in a Church to see who would care,

And found a collection plate thrust toward me, bare.

I walked by the Synagogue, in there to explore,

But wasn't a chosen one- they showed me the door.

The temple was next, the Witness' lair

But Jehovah's folks scared me, too much hell… Continue

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A Good Witches Samhain

A Good Witches Samhain

By Madiline Bauer

First born, female witch number 5 to her granddaughter A. Celest first born, female witch number 7.

Conjure the Ancestral Breath of Magic.

All is dark as this journey begins.

Stepping out the doors, of our warmly lit homes, filled with love & sounds of our families.

To turn the wheel to sign the seal, to give back what we have been given.

The air is chilled and pushing on our cloaks. Dried leaves move as… Continue

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