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I felt a need to post this when I saw this mentioned on the television.  If you go to the internet site listed on the title, you can help others who are in dire need of help for basic things like water for instance in other countries.  Since this is the season for helping others who are in need of assistance - I hope you will at least look at the site and see what you can do. 

I understand that Donating just $20 american dollars can supply enough water for the next 20 years where it…


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Symbols and Dream Interoperation

Even before early humankind learned to draw on the cave, wall symbols were an important part of the human experience. The Universal symbol of an open hand; an open hand or palms turned up was an obvious gesture displaying no weapon. Today and every day, we are bombarded with symbols. Symbols, tell us where to go and how to get there, warn us of danger and give us information at a glance.

Both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud wrote about universal symbols, specifically for use in… Continue

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Daytime Meditation Ritual of Hedgewitch

Some might tell you to find a sacred place but all places are sacred.

Some might tell you, you need to be in the forest, or by the sea, or on a mountain, but any place will do.

Some might tell you, you need tools, candles, athame, wand, a representation of The Lord and Lady, a bit of salt and maybe a bell or incense.

You need none of these things. For you have everything you need within yourself, the greatest tool of all, your mind.

You can lie down… Continue

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Simple House Blessing

This is the house blessing ritual I have used for many years to bless a home before or shortly after moving in. The purpose of this ritual is many layered: to clear away any energies which may be lingering in the house from previous inhabitants, to protect the space against unwanted intrusions in the future, to encourage any spirit who might be there to leave and be on their way and to create a loving, harmonious space in which to live.

Everyone who will be living in the house should… Continue

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