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My uncle worked for Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL until his retirement. He was very proud of the fact that he acually made parts for Apollo 11. He has many awards from NASA even a special scale model of the spaceship. He was a master machinist and proud of America's space program. All day yesterday, I watched enhanced video's from man's walk on the moon. Today this video is featured on an email I get of most poplar video's. I'm posting it for your viewing and to get your input. I have… Continue

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My Wish

Friendship Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~
Recently I have put a lot of meditation into action geared towards gaining knowlege. Since there are so many directions and paths to follow one can become very confused. So I meditaded, wished, initiated a spell, what ever one is confortable with, that I might aquire knowledge and the wisdom to put that kowledge to work for others to come to the places… Continue

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You are The Hierophant

Divine Wisdom. Manifestation. Explanation. Teaching.

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Druids of the old faith (The Ancients)

The sun rises and the sun sets, the two moons dance across the heavens, and the seasons pass. Since the earliest days, the druids of the Old Faith have watched the Eternal Circle of Nature. They know the ways of nature and the mysteries of Oerth, but they are not its master. Instead, they are servants of nature and tend to the needs of the land and its creatures. Only the foolish would underestimate their power for they have mastered the secrets of the world itself.

Gods of the Old… Continue

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Your fairy is called Tangle Rainbowwitch
She is a fortune bringer.
She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows.
She is only seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking.
She wears tangled dresses of multicoloured petals. She has multicoloured wings like a butterfly.

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Update on Ginger

Two and a half weeks have passed since the storm rumbled through and Ginger entered our lives soaked to the skin, wounded, and bleeding. The vet did the blood work making sure the kitten did not have feline leukemia or aids so it could stay with us and not put our other elderly kitties in jeopardy. Ginger snuggled in quite nicely in the cat carrier in my mediation room. We put a baby gat on the door so the other cats could jump in if they wanted to visit but the kitten could not get out, thus… Continue

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Ginger Ten~ten

Four days ago, after a terrible thunderstorm ended we heard the sounds of a distressed cry. It was nearly midnight and Steve and I had not yet gone to bed as we were enjoying the cool calm the storm had brought when it left. The sounds was nearly lost in the sounds of the frogs melody down by the creek but it was there, high pitched and frantic. I heard it first and asked Steve to shush so I could be sure. Then he heard it too. It was the sound of a very young kitten.

Steve searched… Continue

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Psychic gifts if you will

I am a Medium. I hear, see, smell feel and talk with ghosts a lot more then I really want to. I block and try to keep them within the confines of my wishes; however, it does not always work that way.

I have been able to move things with my mind since I was very young. At first, it was when I had an emotional flare up. It took time but I learned to block that from happening. A few years ago, I spent a week seeing if I could make something move because I wished it to and found I… Continue

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Chanting and Meditation

Chants have long been used as a means of altering one's consciousness in order to commune with and connect to the Divine. Chants can be fast moving, energy raising verses or they can be soft, whispered words, heard only by you and the Divine.

The way this meditation works is to simply use a combined of drumming or rattling and chanting until your mind enters into a deeper consciousness, while at the same time retaining enough conscious awareness so you can use this form of… Continue

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Cleansing your home

When first coming to the craft, many are taught or learn through books about rituals for creating sacred space. It is not hard to find a lot of information through the internet on how to consecrate and create circles and areas for various magical workings.

However; I have not seen very much information on how to create a magical home. I have found a paragraph here and there scattered throughout various books and on the Internet. On this our Wiccan path, our homes are brought… Continue

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What is a Hedgewitch?

If you ask a Hedgewitch to explain her path each one would give you a different explanation of exactly it means to them to be one. Like all paths this path is not a narrow path. For me my path is very much like the explanation I will be posting below. The explanation was written by Sally Morningstar. What makes me stand out from most Hedgewitches is I do not do a lot with herbs. Yes I grow them, Yes I have extensive gardens, and yes my connection is more with nature than any pantheon. I am not… Continue

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Wiccan Religion......Our rights in the USA.

Witchcraft was recognized in the US as a legitimate religion in 1985.

Dettmer V. Landon the dist. court of pursuant to rule 52(a) of the

federal rules of civil procedure ruled that Witchcraft is a legitimate

and falls within a recognizable religious category. In 1986 in the

federal appeals court J. Butzner affirmed the decision. Since in most

cases federal law, even case law supercedes state law in this type… Continue

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2nd Annual Flint River Pow-Wow NE Alabama Cherokee Tribe

I hope you enjoy the pictures I took at… Continue

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