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i tried cuccber juice today

I didn't put sugar in mine it was a little bitter could use some salt but not to bad.

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georgia beef walnut stew


600 gr of beef

2 onions

4 tomatoes

6 tbsp of white rice

100 gr of walnuts

3 bay leafs

3 garlic cloves

1 can f chopped tomatoes

Fresh greens , basil, parsley and dill


Salt & Pepper

Ground chilly pepper

Lemon juice


Step 1 : Cut your beef fillet into small bite size pieces. Add to a large pot with 2 lt of water. Slowly cook it for 1,5 hours. Occasionally skim the water.



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My diet jounal

I'm a big girl just under 200 bls I want to start to lose some of this mid life problems . I wanted to record my stuff for the future and I wanted to help people to . I am not vegan but I will be eating a lot more vegan meals . I want to share the information I have found .…


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this video could change your life

A lady who we well call Beth was a fitness person . she was taught for many years a low fat diet was away to go . so on the day she turn to the bible for dieting advice she was amazed what she found .

this is a must see video that could change your life .…


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Light-Up Boho Chandelier

I love this I hope you do to

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8 Most Haunting Abandoned Places

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awaking is happening , a transistion

awaking is happening , a transistion

four a couple weeks I  have been growing higher with my insight  . This will be hard to explain , but i want to try my best

It  all started with detox  bath and it  has carried on to amazing healing energy of my body.

I dream in color electric pulse surging through my body . when I look out side I see the ground dancing . I've  have been coming closer to  cleaning, purging and detoxing  my body mind and soul …


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my gypsy cover diary

Vintage Gypsy Envelope Junk Journal

I got the idea from this . so I did my cover today .I am so in love with it . Cant wait to do the pages .…


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