A Basalisk, A God and a White Snake

A face and a snake, defined in love,
behind a door of gold and blue
come hither to pass through
the portal to the fortress of God

Land of the forbidden
the land of the ever after
guarded by the Basalisk
both light and dark

Dripping fang, and gleaming eyes
blowing and hissing in anger
It patrols the chaos that wait
for the two that will heal the land

Enter God and the white snake
One bring strength and calm
the other Love and a song
the song of all life

A song that will calm
the chaos and the beast
Gentle dear Basalisk
Guardian and soul eye
of the realm of the forbidden land

As the white snake sing
her song fills his heart with love
so that God can tame the chaos
left in the wake of his thrashing

Sing White snake... sing
let your song spread wide
to bring forth the wave
of love and life devine

Rise souls in dispair
the ones lost returned
and the land of the ever after
bloom once more.

Written: Anu-IAH

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