Hi iam new to this site so feel it only polite to introduce myself,iam dean a Celtic hedge witch from nuneaton in the UK.from when I was a young child I was interested in witch craft,my aunty was a witch,and another aunty was a spiritualist medium.my family has Irish,scot,French and anglo-saxon roots so quite a mixed bag really.as a child I had visions and was able to communicate with spirit.as I grew older I lost this ability for a while but it came back when I began to practice the craft and became once more open to the spirit realm.I used to belong to a Buddhist order and learnt meditation and visualisation,which I still use and sometime I run meditation classes.I was a member of the beacon and there I developed the ability to read tea leaves and crystals for divination. Today I practice mainly alone,although one of my daughters is wiccan and we talk together and sometimes swap idea,s about our craft.iam very interested in native american shamanism and my Celtic roots,I have written in my book of shadows many Celtic songs and chants,and also have listed the the Celtic gods,Irish,Scottish,Britannic,and Gaulish.by trade before I became disabled I ran a garden design business. I also taught horticulture for a while.my illness started when I had a heart attack at 50.and then this was followed by a stroke which took away a lot of feeling in my legs.so today I cannot walk without crutches,and can't work anymore.this though has not ruined my life but has given me the freedom to write and work my craft so iam still blessed.I hope to write up some of my spells,poems and chants for all to share on this site.well that's enough about me,blessed be.

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