Bring forth to me the sky of being
a world of flow and strife
fall upon the eyes of love
to cleanse the scowl of hate

Clear does the call rise
on the noon of mine desire
set in stone of past
so fat away from now

Loneliness reflected in solemn eyes
How far has the road set in stone been?
How lonely the sacrifices made in love?

Standing upon the fall of the rise
tired eyes resting on the unknown
heart asking how long has it been?
Weary feet hurting from walking on stone

Light fall upon a tired brow
caressing painful skin and soul
Solemn eyes rise to see the light
drinking it in to feel its wonder

Give to me the need of soul
Let it give me wings of love
to fly on the flow of source
feet no longer touching
a past set in stone

Bring forth mine love
to fill the needs of my soul
not the desires of mine heart!

Written by Anu-IAH

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