A breath... a touch... a golden light

Where is the hand that wait?

To pull me over the rim of the cliff

Reach higher, reach further


As the raging storm rip at me

Threatening to loosen my grip

On the rock face of the cliff


Mountain of life seem so high

Threatening to loom over my insignificance

Intimidating in its unknown


Looking up at the vast unknown

Heart skips a beat, mouth dry

Fear threatens to consume

One so small and unprepared


Eagle ride the flow with ease

Its call echo against the cliffs

“Come fly with me… The flow waits”


One hand over another, reaching

Trembling fingers seek security

Testing… straining… reaching


Looking down bring imbalance

What was can’t give the next handhold

Let go of the pebbles… Lighten the load


Hand reaching high… seeking safety

Against a strong wind that threatens the hold

Strong fingers enclose a shaking wrist

Giving firm grip to the seeking hand


Strong back straining, giving support

Adding strength to the climb

Stability relieve the strain, sooths the fear.


Gentle eyes, meet tired ones

Cool hands on strained shoulders

“Welcome home, weary traveller”

“Your place was empty far to long”

Written by Anu-IAH

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