❦..Enscooned Within The Beating Heart Of Raven Essence..❦

❦..Enscooned Within The Beating Heart Of Raven Essence..❦

These words are considered Sublime & Raw & instinctual human primeval in how they are delivered,enscooned within the beating heart of Raven Essence,& how much soil is under your fingernails, leaves one feeling akin to having a tongue-cleaving sensorial seizure..much like a toddler with displacement anxieties would do,it's kinda like pulling the blanket over the underworld,redecorating for rural misanthropes.. festooned with illusions & illustrations all in a manner of forestry paraphernalia fringes on the outskirts through windows..

Raven takes hold of this he is watching he saw himself within it..I think I should now save these words written and transform them into a piece of poetic artistry..hmmm yes as your reading it now..accompanied by the waft of sandalwood incense to conjure images encouraged by the kind that make it embarrassing to share the scenes as it has the ability to weave elements into my words in a way that remains both subtle, yet I try to instil..

Every influence is deployed with such finesse that you have to at times close your eyes and breath deeply, concentrate to see if there's any sort of fusion going on as one seeps through the ether on occasion,offering some atmospheric archival feelings in the music I attach to this here..

Yet as my words completely permeate every element of the human bodies chakra system..I build upon their solid foundations with that good intention a indication of the fanatical devotion that of nature projected inspired beauty,as it serves to splash colour ,much like a wet dream..

calling one into the triumphant virulent passionate frenzied finally.. yet ensures that everything is compulsively clean which might not suit everyone's sonic poetic taste buds,but highlights it's quality at least.. yes..

So don't hesitate to let me know if it worked for yah!..

© √ℓἇ∂ἇ ♏؟ḱἇḧᖾ ێƈĥŏŏῆ

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