*✧⋆ Escape Through The Stella Portal *✧⋆

*✧⋆ Escape Through The Stella Portal   *✧⋆

Satellite souls united with One Light limitless,

Giving rise to strands that bind ones soul light

As lanterns, navigating hazards of being rejected
Wanderers lost in noise, alien worlds, yet still the stars guide
And they the wanderers yet we the wandering, wondering
Amid blue-green jewels, eternal, clouded by shadows..

Lunar alignments providing safe passage to the next worlds

An obvious truncated vision of passionate treatise of blue swirling around

Yet so simple it feels like one of those solutions where ones grasping for a logistical problem

Only to have the solution pointed out by a passing cosmic star child

Before being struck by the glorious magnificence of it all

And notice its near omnipresent..

Projections outside of the mental realms

yet still putting your finger on the ethereal feeling

makes this a essential acquisition

Moreso for those who are turned on with the concept replete with the gallimaufry of aliens,

genetic experimentation & Universal space travels..

Gaining them a mystical aura glowing the likes of which only truly special souls can achieve

all while staying on a organic level..

Crashing through ancient civilizations past wreckage as cosmic strangeness

 bleak introspection's swirled overhead in darkness,

like Ravens crying..

This peculiar scene unsurprisingly is the setting for a new adventure through the cosmic universe blueprint processes

set by those later past soul passing's

Seeming without kindred essence our inner fires kindled from distant stars rigidly adhered to being ignited..

This time maybe they will...

 © √ℓἇ∂ἇ ♏؟ḱἇḧᖾ ێƈĥŏŏῆ     

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