Rustling scales, restless twitching wings

Blue eyes searching the horizon

Tongue wetting lips tight with tension

Deep impatient rumbling in a smouldering belly


Sensitive to the vibrations on the ether

The smell of apprehension on the heart of soul

A flick of a tail, a twitch of a tightening muscle

Heavily scaled skin ripple, as energy caress it.


Large horned head dip low, breathing the flow

Tasting and testing the tension in the ground.

Loudly expelled breath, clearing the senses

Heavy head snap up, eyes scanning the stars.


The enemy is shifting, gathering to move

Their smouldering intention already noted…

One head split to many, each tasting the level of soul

Weighing the feel of the intentions on the flow


A crescent star flash, the glint of a blade, in the shadow

Blue eyes; turn to blood, as it follows the move

The rumbling change, the vibration gathers

Many heads return to one, and seek

Beyond the flash of the shadow’s blade.


Shinning scales turn to shadow, blending,

Fading into the shadows cast by the flow

Slender neck pulled into striking position

Waiting, tasting, watching the shadow


One shadow become many, deepening the dark

Scaled skin ripple, with silent stealth

32 shadows move as one, followed by bloody eyes

That already know the position they seek


When will the crescent star learn, that their souls

Are known and loved by the one they hunt, so deeply

That they blue eyes know the truth, in their lies.

These eyes saw the truth they hid in the forest


A forest that hid a crescent star and a pope

A bag of gold, a contract made, with the trees as witness

To the deed that left sacred knights staring

Upon the sky with lifeless eyes, their name sullied

Crescent star and a pope, your deed witnessed by

One that know your soul, know your greed

The lust of your power, engraved in your soul

As those you slayed lay bleeding, in your shame

Your souls as dark as the shadows you use


Sinking a blade between the scales of the one you seek

Will not erase the shame of your deeds

That is engraved into the recesses of your soul

So many times you came for this one


When will you admit the shame in your soul?

Do you not realise that to receive forgiveness

Your shame must be revealed, and the injustice repaired

Lay down your blade shadow, you do not wish to die today


“Never!” the answer come, the same need no witness

“So be it”, the scaled shadow sighed, and rumbled

The movement silent, precise, and 32 of shame

Lay staring with blank eyes towards the sky


Blood eyes return to blue, and silent tears,

Trace paths over shadowy scales

The heavy head, turn and pull out the one blade

That hit true, between heavy scales, freeing the flow of blood


No amount of blood from the witness of the shame

Can erase what’s done, by a crescent star and a Pope

Only the truth, can find forgiveness, to soothe

The shame engraved in their souls

Written Anu-IAH

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