Dear Everyone
I apologize for being away so long but I've had a bladder infection and blocked kidneys...please keep me your prayers. The positive side is I got along with my family during all of this and tried to stay in a good mood. I was scared because I was spitting up food and couldn't seem to swallow. I think I became stronger because of it and closer to my family.
I was sick for two weeks and kept going to doctor's offices to figure out what was wrong. I now have a catheter which works fine. The next step is meeting with a doctor who specializes in spina bifida (the nerves from the spine don't work). I'm surprised I took it so well. The best part is I didn't drink over it! My ten year anniversary of sobriety is coming up on april second. I am so grateful to you and my family for showing support. I am going to start meditating regularly and doing the lessons again. Goddess bless you.

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Comment by Yahni on June 23, 2013 at 10:17pm

Something good came out of something horrid. I am so sorry for your troubles but happy it came out positive. ((((HUGS)))) GET WELL SOON

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