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Recently I have put a lot of meditation into action geared towards gaining knowlege. Since there are so many directions and paths to follow one can become very confused. So I meditaded, wished, initiated a spell, what ever one is confortable with, that I might aquire knowledge and the wisdom to put that kowledge to work for others to come to the places that I have been. Not knowing, or which direction to take can go as far to make a person not only spirtitualy ill but physically ill as well. I know that a lot of the ilnness I had suffered came from some form of unseen attacks as well as not understanding the things that were happing out of the norm around me. then the stress of who to trust what is bull and what was for real who was genuine and who was full of it. So I took some advise grandmother gave me, of course back then as a child she didn't direct me to use fire, but she said that when I was confused to get some vanilla and she showed me fresh lavender, and she said mix that together in a silver dish and put it in the bright hot sunlight or put it in my room by the window and just close my eyes and smell and think of something really good and nice.
Well , recently I lit a white candel under a silver dish with lavender,vaniilla and rose petals and I meditated, and my wish was for knowledge, and wisdom, that would help me and I could offer others, and it wasn't long that things felt right, others entered into my world that were knowledgeable, and answers came and now I feel awsome. My health has improved, my sence of well being has escalated and iam happy, and those who come around me are escalarted with joyful feelins as well, which only enhances my own energy,My wish is to foward that positve enhancement to others so that they may enjoy this as well. My wish is happening.

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