No comando do seu coração_Sidnei Piedade

I am a drift boat sailing on the seas of life looking for a route a shortcut to dock at the port of your heart. In love those who love ... always want a little more feeding the body and soul found peace and calm. Traveled within you looking for the origin of you ... for your eyes his mouth made me believe as flows the love. I found the answer ... that among us there are no secrets and be in your arms is being in paradise ... for you are my secret and pleasure. I live in your heart where I made my home, the light that never goes out ... I am everything and nothing, but you are in me, where I am in charge of your heart. Your love is my truth is proof that not live without you ... because we are only one and a reason to live, which belong to you and you to me. I close my eyes and see you anyway ... I'm ecstatic perfume spraying your live ... for I am in command of your heart. In charge of your coração_Sidnei Piedade

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