Has anyone else felt a stirring, of late? There seems to be more activity, more wild energy than usual. Sometimes I can be looking at something, and all of a sudden, I will see it as in a different dimension.
I am also catching glimpses of movements. As if out of the corner of my eye. But this is happening almost daily now.

Is anyone else seeing and/or feeling this? Any ideas?

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Comment by Steve on June 11, 2018 at 5:58pm

Hi David.

I think that the way we can detect energy might be changing. It is possible I suppose that we are becoming more aware, the deeper we explore our own energy... our own souls. As an example, in Derbyshire where the profile photo of me was taken, there was a small circle of stones; about waist height. They were arranged in a circle, and I have no idea how long they had been there, but since they were small, it might not have been that long. However, when I placed my hand over each one, it shimmered with energy, very much like a heat haze. Each came 'alive' in turn. I was away from the rest of the little group of people and alone. When another person came over, the shimmering stopped, so unfortunately I have no independent witness. However, the photo of the energy you see in the photo was taken by another member of the group. I have others he took and in one there is what appears to be gold/yellow 'sword' close to my left hand; a gold orb (possibly the same as you see in my profile photo). I saw these immediately in the viewfinder of his camera so he had no time to 'doctor' the photos in any way. He told me that the energy wasn't in the viewfinder as he took the photos, so he didn't see them while taking the photos. Strange, I know --- but I feel we may be slipping through 'layers' these days and are possibly seeing other aspects of things.

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