Its that time in the UK when frosts are no more and nature comes back to life as winter ends.bumble bees start to buzz about bringing sound back to the garden.birds gather nesting materials to start that glorious courtship and song and life new life starts in the UK there are many things we can do to help our garden friends,food for the birds,bundles of sticks for insect nesting colonies,stack up short prices of bamboo for the smaller bumble bees such as leaf cutters to nest in the hollowed stems.I have planted early flowering shrubs for the insects like witch hazel,early flowering roses for aphids which provide food for baby birds soon to emerges from shiny or speckled eggs.I love the spring in the UK.its the time of year when winter loses its power and life shakes away its sleepy head and bursts like an over ripe fig to say hello the new year has arrived,days get lighter and longer and a new joy fills the land.

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