Golden orb tinged in pink, dip low on the horizon,
Silver orb tinged in red, rise to the sky.
Dusk rolling over the hills,
fading the world to touch each soul.

Muscles ripple under dusty skin,
Breath still, eyes alert, locked.
A nose twitch, a tail flick
Tension rise, muscles tighten, ready!

Slow, deliberate, patient
Muscles ripple under dusty skin,
Movement still, muscles tense
coil, tighten, back arch.

Savage eyes watch the flow
tongue seek the energy on the wind
Soul yearn for the taste of blood,
yearn to still the pain

Coil release, muscles stretch
Alarm is raised, to late
slender arms wrap around
a young body, legs wrap, no escape

A startled cry, is stilled
by fangs framed with soft lips.
Savage eyes close, feeling the flow
Touching the soul, drawing in the life

Movement still, dust settle, silence fall
Blood flow, mingling with dust and tears
The pain is stilled, the sacrifice received
Dripping fangs release, spilling more blood,

A yearning stilled, in a moment of pain
A gift receive of life to receive life.
Tears flow, mixing with fur.
A thirst was stilled, a soul for-filled.

Life force mingle of predator and prey
bringing homage to life, to soul
Anuden uncoil, muscles flow, moving slow
Savage eyes still, softening, tears flowing

A flash of steel, a quiet movement
as the steel glide over flesh
A blessing fall from soft lips
“Bless this soul for a sacrifice of life, through death”

A Eagle rose, wings etched with gold and silver
Its call rejoice, singing the song of sacrifice
The Sun and Moon look down
Bowing down to receive the sacrifice

Gentle fingers glide over soft fur
Thanking the mother for the gift of life
Paying homage to the departure of a soul
Accepting the beauty of creation through destruction

A gentle call, a tiny answer, a faint rustle
little feet stumble, a little body fall,
slender arm embrace, savage eyes gentle
Little arms wrap around the lethal body

A soft purr is answered, by a gentle caress
“Feast, and grow strong little one,
accept the sacrifice of life to sustain your soul.”
A yearning stilled, savage eyes gentled by love.

Written Anu-IAH

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