The secret of love is love ... sempre_Texto_Sidnei Piedade

I will always be by your side where we are eternal lovers ... the most beautiful gift God deu..pois me it made you for me. My world is yours, where we are just one heart where I made my home ... my self in you. Beside him follow my destination because it was an angel who came into my life ... true love. With you I am invincible not know the impossible, always by your side ... it will be on you found true love. On his side go through the sea and the world, for your love has come and gone entering my life ... was all gold that wanted to have. They spend nights and days and my life is always like that, that is our love eternal, where all my dreams are yours. The secret of love is to love forever ... for love is the force of passion which is stronger than reason itself, is a divine force, a feeling that dominates ... and only those who feel able to explain. The secret of love is love ... sempre_Texto_Sidnei Piedade

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