Swirling wide a Trident of colour

Shades of blue, aqua and the deep dark

Crested with white froth

Above and below shimmering in

Shades of Blue so much the same, yet so different

Hiding a Temptress unpredictable in grief

Calm and serene one moment

The next a raging storm or danger

Who are you Temptress of the deep?

Your moods unpredictable or cruel

Yet your love deep and plentiful

You give and you take on a whim

Your sweet lips lavishing sweet

Kisses to the skin and face, or

Framing fierce teeth that rip life

From the crest of a wave

Dragging it into the depths of your keep

Deep into the depths of your despair

Where you hide from those you love

Your wings span the girth of this world

Shielding its life from harm

Yet who shield your soul, Temptress?

You rise from the deep each time

The Sun King lash out in anger and longing

For his Moon Queen, their yearning

For each other’s love embrace

Each time he lash out in anger

You rise form the deep and wrap your wings

Around the girth of this word

Taking the blows of the Kings anger

Their sadness an echo in your soul

With each Eclipse you rise to ride

The crest of the shimmering blue

Heads rose watching in yearning

As the king and Queen come together

For that brief moment in time

Each time you cry, the rain hides your tears

And your Painful cries of desperation are

Hidden by the raging storms that lash the blue

Each soul feels the sadness of your longing

In loneliness many heads break the blue

To claim the lives riding the crest of white

Dragging them into the deep in the hope

They would ease the loneliness of your keep.

Yet their terror ease and life still,

Their souls parting to ride the spiral flow

Of the Tridents song and reach

Temptress what is it you seek?

Are you destined to stay alone in your keep?

Written Anu-IAH

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