Who am I but another's tool, directed by their will,
Or thrown in the dirt, discarded and unwanted
for the next to pass, and see the gleam in the dirt

picked up and cleaned, dusted and loved
till the next shiny rock pass, and the tool
are tossed in the dirt once more.

Who am I but a tool, a genie in a bottle
and when the wishes is used,
to be discarded with disgust and rage

when will my worth be known?
Will there one day come a day
when I am not the tool, but my soul seen

When will you see my love,
when will you realise that my
flaws and stupidity, is a treasure

Yet I remain the unwanted tool
used to fix what is broken
then discarded in disgust and rage

While you walk away healed, and
you discard the useless and worthless tool
in the dirt where it belong

Yet you will never realise
what the worthless tool did for you

Written by Anu-IAH

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