There is No Devil/Satan only the Divine Mind and Mass Mind

So in New Thought Christianity we discover real Truth from God. We have come to understand that in life there is no Satan or Devil. There is however something called The Divine Mind which is God and the Worldly Mass Mind. When we are thinking thoughts that are impure, divisive, unkind, etc, we are receiving these thoughts from the worldly mass mind (The collective thoughts of all human minds). We are receivers like antennas. When we have pure, loving , kind thoughts, we are receiving them from the One True Divine Mind of God the Creator. When we are in unison with the Divine Mind all becomes harmonious within us followed by around us. Harmony is one of the 1st Laws of Heaven which is remember ->Within. Anything we suffer from , all ills are NOT of or from God, but from our ignorance and separation of Him. The Bible says "God is the God Of the Living Not of the dead." Matt 22:32

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